Angles Maths Hub

We have a central leadership team responsible for the day-to-day running of the Hub, with oversight of the Primary, Secondary and Post-16 phases. The leaders of these phases work hard to make sure opportunities are available to all schools and the voices of local teachers are heard and their needs are well supported.

Working alongside the leadership teams, the Hub has a strong team of Mastery Specialists and Work Group Leads. These teachers work beyond their schools supporting teachers throughout the region to develop pedagogical and mastery skills to help educate pupils to the best of their ability. The sessions they offer are well crafted and delivered and testimonials from teachers show how well their support is appreciated.

Overseeing all the work carried out by the Maths Hub we have the support of a strong and capable Strategic Board, who give advice and support and cast a critical eye over all the work completed. Their collective expertise is vast and they have a good understanding of the needs of pupils, teachers and schools within our region. We are immensely fortunate to have their support. 

Maths Hub Leadership Team

Our leadership team provides day to day oversight of the hub's activities, and act as the main contact points for schools in the Angles region wanting to take part and develop their teaching and learning practice in maths.

DCR Dan Carter - Maths Hub Senior Lead
NCE Nicola Coe - Maths Hub Lead
JET James Everett - Deputy Maths Hub Lead
RPN Rhys Peterson - Primary Assistant Maths Hub Lead
CFN Christina Feilden - Secondary Assistant Maths Hub Lead
GCN Graham Colman - Post-16 Assistant Maths Hub Lead
JBD Jodie Ballard - Maths Hub Operations Manager
EBN Emily Belston - Maths Hub Administrator

Strategic Board

Current membership is listed below:


Assessment and Training Officer, Suffolk County Council

Robert BREWSTER Director of Professional Learning, Sapientia Trust
Nigel BURGOYNE Chief Executive, SASH

Louise CLARK

Strategic Lead, The Tilian Partnership

Chris DALE

Regional Hub Lead, NCETM

Joanna DEKO

Regional Lead, AMSP

Richard DOLDING Education Director in the Eastern Region, Ormiston Academies Trust


CEO, Asset Education

Sally GARRETT CEO, The Ashley School Trust


Achievement Advisor, Norfolk County Council


Early years Team, Department for Education


Executive Leader, Suffolk and Norfolk SCITT


Director of Teaching School Hub and Research School, Unity Schools Partnership

Jane SHEAT Director of Education, St Edmundsbury and Ipswich Diocese
Debs SHIPP Headteacher, Moulton Primary School


Head of Delivery, Norfolk and Suffolk Opportunity Area


Headteacher, Kesgrave High School (Chair of Maths Hub Strategic Board)