Shanghai Exchange

The England-China Exchange, organised by the NCETM for Maths teachers, first began in 2014 and has run for five consecutive years. English teachers work closely with their Chinese counterparts, firstly in Shanghai and then back in England. 

The exchange outward leg involves both primary and secondary teachers from England spending two weeks working alongside teachers in Shanghai observing the effectiveness of Shanghai Maths teaching first hand. During their time teachers from England can observe teachers and lessons and join in collaborative planning, they can also teach lessons to Chinese pupils and compare and contrast the different teaching methods and styles. On the return leg to England, teachers support their Chinese counterparts working with children in English schools. Opportunities are available through Maths Hub for teachers across the whole country to visit schools and watch showcase lessons.

In 2019 teachers from the Angles Maths Hub region were involved in the exchange. Kevin Storey (Caister Academy), Sandhya Radhamma (Great Hockham Primary) and Sophie Graveling (Bure Valley Primary) all took part on the outward leg of the exchange.  They learned a great deal from the experience and were keen to share their insights when they returned to school. Through the LLME (Local Leaders of Maths Education) events at the Hub, they shared good practise and the ideas learned so that specialists and Work Group Leads across the region could benefit from their expertise.