Early Years Building Firm Foundations

EYFS: Building Firm Foundations in Reception

Type: Work Group For: EYFS teachers
Time: 6 half days  Cost: free of charge

This Work Group is aimed at schools who are currently developing mastery across their school. Practitioners and senior leaders will develop their understanding as to how Early Years Best Practice feeds into a teaching for mastery approach and supports progression through the school.

Work Group Focus

Building clear progression in mathematical concepts and how to make these accessible to young children

Supporting schools in providing a consistent message about high quality maths provision in the Early Years

Developing an understanding of how to link teaching in EYFS and a mastery approach in KS1

Work Group Expectations

This Work Group is aimed at schools who have a strong commitment to building firm mathematical foundations in Reception.

Schools are expected to:

Send a Reception teacher to each half-termly work group session, led by a trained NCETM Early Years Work Group Lead.  If schools are also participating in another Teaching for Mastery programme, the lead teacher/Maths Lead should also attend. Head teachers are also expected to attend relevant  sessions.

Engage in research as part of their independent learning through the duration of this project.

Carry out in-school work focusing on the EYFS teacher, Maths Lead and a member of the senior leadership team developing and  improving.

EYFS booklet of ideas

Download - EYFS booklet of ideas

Work Group Outcomes

Professional Learning

  • Teachers demonstrate an understanding of progression mathematics and how that is translated into direct teaching and other Early Years provision
  • Teachers demonstrate how the principles of the NCETM teaching for mastery approach can be applied appropriately within the context of a Reception classroom

Practice Development

  • Teachers demonstrate that they have made the mathematics accessible to all children and have closed the gap in attainment
  • Teachers identify and report a clear progression in mathematics concepts and plan for focused learning

Whole School/Departmental Policies and Approaches

  • Maths and senior leaders can identify effective direct teaching for younger children
  • Senior leaders support the EYFS team and Maths Lead to develop a clear progression of mathematical pedagogy from Foundation Stage through the school
  • The school leadership team can demonstrate a clear progression in mathematics concepts and planning for focused learning in EYFS provision
  • The school leadership team models an expectation that all children should develop the knowledge, understanding and skills and attitude/confidence to ensure they can access learning in Year 1

Pupil Outcomes

  • Pupils demonstrate a positive attitude towards maths
  • Pupils are seeking out maths in their environment
  • Pupils demonstrating a willingness to ‘have a go’
  • Pupils can communicate their mathematical ideas             

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