Developing Mastery

Mastery Development

Type: Work Group     For: Teachers and Maths Leads
Time: 6 half days + school visits Funding: £1000 participation grant

This Work Group aims to support Teaching for Mastery to develop from individual enthusiasm to long term, sustainable, whole-school development.

Mastery Development Focus

Engage teachers and subject leaders in practice-based professional development activity to ensure long term, sustainable, whole-school developments.

Develop groups of schools where strong curriculum, teaching and professional development practices related to mathematics can be shared more widely.

Work Group Expectations

Participating teachers are required to:

Attend half-termly, collaborative, work group sessions, which are led by a trained NCETM Mastery Specialist and offer schools the opportunity to observe mastery style lessons and plan together.

Participate in termly, bespoke, 1:1 school visits carried out by the Work Group Specialist, to support the school in the development of its action plan. Headteacher engagement is also therefore expected throughout.

Work Group Outcomes

Professional Learning

  • Teachers improve their mathematical knowledge
  • Teachers report increased knowledge of what progression in maths looks like
  • Teachers develop a deep understanding of the principles of TfM and its associated pedagogies
  • Head teachers and teachers report a commitment to the importance of embedded, collaborative professional development structures in the school to support deep and sustainable professional learning and practice    

Practice Development

Participating teachers develop the ability to plan effective maths lessons that reflect a TfM approach.

Some other teachers in the participating school improve their ability to plan effective maths lessons that reflect a TfM approach.

School leaders ensure professional development practices are in place so that the cycle of change can be implemented.

Whole School Policies and Approaches

  • Schools create a clear set of principles, policies, practices and systems (including curriculum and staffing/ timetable developments) which embody a mastery curriculum and a teaching for mastery approach
  • Schools establish systems to support ongoing professional learning

Pupil Outcomes

  • Using schools’ internal data and reflections by teachers, participating teachers can demonstrate that improved pupil learning is taking place
  • All pupils show a positive attitude towards maths, enjoy learning the subject and demonstrate a growth mindset               

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