Embedding Mastery

Embedding Mastery

Type: Work Group   For: Maths Leads and Teachers
Time: 6 half days + school visit  Funding: £500 participation grant


Embed a transformative Teaching for Mastery approach across the school

This work group builds on Teaching for Mastery Development Work Group to support continual improvement and refinement to ensure practices across the school are faithfully adopted, establishing Teaching for Mastery approaches so that all pupils develop deep knowledge, understanding and confidence.

Embedding Mastery Focus

Building upon the work of lead teachers in the Teaching for Mastery development year, Embedding Mastery Work Group focuses on:

  • Systems and culture to support a Teaching for Mastery approach
  • Support for school and subject leadership
  • Subject knowledge
  • Lesson design
  • PD Models

Work Group Expectations

Schools are required to:

  • Have participated in a Mastery Development Work Group
  • Show a strong commitment from both school and subject leadership for embedding Teaching for Mastery approaches
  • Send at least one teacher (ideally the Maths Lead) to half-termly work group sessions, which are led by a trained NCETM Mastery Specialist and offer schools the opportunity to observe mastery style lessons and plan together. The Principal will also be involved in the work group at appropriate times.
  • Participate in a school visit from the NCETM Mastery Specialist to support the development through a bespoke action plan

Work Group Outcomes

Professional Learning

  • All teachers enhance their mathematical subject knowledge with an emphasis on progression within key areas of maths.
  • All teachers cultivate a deep understanding of the principles and pedagogies related to teaching for mastery. 
  • Principals and participating teachers clearly understand the teaching for mastery pedagogy and the school structures which support all staff to continually develop Teaching for Mastery approaches. 

Practice Development

  • All teachers develop their ability to plan, teach and reflect on effective maths lessons that reflect a Teaching for Mastery approach.
  • Principals and participating teachers embed school structures and systems to ensure that all teachers can be supported to implement Teaching for Mastery across the whole school.

Whole School Policies and Approaches 

  • Schools construct, review and refine a clear set of principles, policies, practices and systems which embody a teaching for mastery approach.
  • Schools begin to establish systems to support ongoing professional learning within school, with a focus on colleagues planning, teaching and reflecting on their maths lessons.

Pupil Outcomes

  • Using schools’ internal data and reflections by teachers, participating teachers can demonstrate that pupils have improved mathematical understanding in the areas addressed by this work group.
  • Pupils across school have high expectations of themselves as mathematicians; they enjoy learning the subject and demonstrate a growth mindset.

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