Sustaining Mastery

Sustaining Mastery

Type: Work Group   For: Maths Leads and Teachers
Time: 6 half days     Cost: free of charge


Ensure a sustainable approach to teaching for mastery teaching and learning in mathematics across the school

This Work Group helps schools to bring together continued work and engagement to sustain their teaching for mastery approach to mathematics teaching and learning. The Work Group also seeks to establish continuing support for collaborative planning and specialist subject knowledge development in primary schools and leadership within the schools.

Creates space and opportunity for continued improvement, consistency and refinement of approaches that have been established through participation in Development and Embedding Mastery Work Groups. 

Continues to support teachers and leaders in the areas of collaborative planning and specialist subject knowledge.

Schools are required to:

  • Have participated in an Embedding Development Work Group
  • Show a strong commitment from both school and subject leadership for embedding TfM approaches
  • Send at least one teacher (ideally the Maths Lead) to half-termly work group sessions, which are led by a trained NCETM Mastery Specialist and offer schools the opportunity to observe mastery style lessons and plan together

Professional learning

  • All teachers in the participating schools enhance their mathematics subject knowledge with an emphasis on progression especially within the key areas of mathematics addressed by the Work Group
  • Subject leaders learn more about how to establish an effective collaborative planning culture for their teachers, which supports ongoing specialist subject knowledge development
  • All school staff understand and value ongoing professional development in order to uphold the cycle of improvement

Practice Development

  • All teachers plan, teach and reflect collaboratively, within school and across other settings, drawing on their deeper subject knowledge in order to provide a coherent mastery curriculum
  • All teachers demonstrate their understanding of the TfM five big ideas in their normal practice
  • Subject leaders establish and lead effective planning approaches within their school and identify and support teachers who require more input than others regarding teaching for mastery
  • Leaders continue to refine school structures and systems to ensure that all teachers can be supported to embed and sustain TfM across school
  • Schools continue to ensure a sustainable model for collaborative planning and ongoing specialist subject knowledge development for all teachers and have systems in place to identify and support teachers needing additional development
  • Schools ensure that good practice is shared beyond the participant schools

Pupil Outcomes 

  • Pupils have high expectations of themselves as mathematicians; they continue to show a positive attitude towards the subject
  • Pupils experience coherent, well designed lessons
  • More pupils will meet ARE and an increased depth of understanding 

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