Embedding Mastery

Secondary Teaching for Mastery Embedding

Type: Mastery Training For: KS3 and KS4 teachers
Time: 2 teachers x 3 full days Funding: fully funded at £1000

The Embedding Mastery support year is for those teachers and schools that have already participated in the Secondary Teaching for Mastery Development Work Group and wish to continue their work. Groups aim to embed mastery developments and expand the use of Teaching for Mastery approaches across their department. Schools must have fully completed the Developing Mastery year to be accepted on this programme. Schools are funded £1000 to pay for 2 teachers to spend 3 days each working alongside a mastery specialist.

Secondary Embedding  focus

focus on constructing or refining a coherent development plan and supporting and leading the whole department in realising the aims of the development plan

developing the leadership skills of Mastery Advocates and supporting them to further develop Teaching for Mastery within their departments

Work Group  Expectations

Work Group participants will meet regularly throughout the year to action the departmental plans that Mastery Advocates will have started to develop in the previous year. There will be an emphasis on planning a coherent approach to evidence collection and evaluation from the outset. As the year progresses the focus will shift to collecting evidence of progress towards stated intended outcomes.

What will the Work Groups achieve?

Professional learning

  • develop a deep understanding of the principles and practices associated with teaching for mastery
  • have a clear understanding of the leadership and management skills required to enable them to effectively promote and develop teaching for mastery approaches within their own departments
  • understand the principles and practices behind the creation of a coherent and connected curriculum which promotes teaching for mastery

Practice development

  • develop and embed teaching for mastery approaches in their classrooms
  • lead developments to embed teaching for mastery approaches across their own departments
  • lead the development of schemes of work and other departmental systems and structures to allow for teaching for mastery approaches to be fully embedded
  • produce a coherent development plan with clear aims based on evidence of need and a professional development programme which will support all departmental members in meeting these aims

Departmental policies and approaches

  • develop schemes of work and other departmental policies, systems and structures which support teaching for mastery approaches
  • develop approaches to supporting the work of members of the department through continuing professional development and collaborative working

Pupil outcomes

  •  pupils develop a deep, secure and connected understanding of the mathematics they are learning
  • pupils achieve both conceptual understanding and procedural fluency
  • pupils enjoy mathematics lessons and have a positive attitude to learning the subject


Participating schools each receive £1000 for the year. This funding is to pay for the cost of releasing two Maths teachers (Mastery Advocates) to each carry out three days of embedding work.

Only schools currently on the Secondary Mastery Development programme can apply to join the embedding programme. Speak to your Mastery Specialist to confirm your interest in joining this programme

If you have any further questions please contact: