Mathematical Thinking

Supports teachers of any level of experience to develop their understanding of mathematical thinking as it relates to problem-solving and reasoning. 

Using collaboration and practical tasks to explore what it means for students to improve their mathematical thinking and what this looks like in the classroom.

Work Group Expectations

Participation in this project offers opportunities for the engagement of teaching staff and the wider department. The approaches are accessible to all teachers (including non-specialists) and aim to support the development of reasoning and problem-solving skills for all pupils across all topics. Whilst working collaboratively, teachers will learn and develop strategies for promoting and developing thinking in pupils. Teachers will also have the opportunity to trial ideas and principles in their schools and feed back findings.

What will the work groups achieve?

Professional Learning
  • Understanding the role of reasoning and problem-solving in the curriculum and the mathematical pedagogy needed to support all students to develop these skills.
  • Know how these skills are tested at GCSE.
  • Use effective collaborative approaches to embed developments across a department.
Practice Development
  • Improve confidence in planning and leading lessons that support deep mathematical thinking in all lessons.
  • Develop an effective repertoire of tasks and approaches that develop students’ mathematical thinking skills across all teaching.
Departmental Policies and Approaches
  • Develop experienced department processes for collaborative development that exemplify key teaching and learning approaches to support mathematical thinking.
  • Considered next steps for further deepening, developing and reviewing mathematical thinking.
Pupil outcomes
  • Improve pupil attitudes when they engage in mathematical thinking.
  • Develop pupils’ understanding that they can tackle problems by thinking mathematically. 

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