Mastery Sustaining - Maths and Science

Collaborative Teaching in Maths and Science

Type: Work Group For: 2 teachers per school, 1 maths - 1 science
Time: 2 half days and 4 twilights Cost: Free of charge

Develop a collaborative approach between maths and science teachers and departments to establish supportive and cohesive methods.

Maths is taught across many different subjects in high school, not least in the science department. Two teachers from each school (one maths and one science) work together to establish similarities and differences in approaches to help develop a cohesive approach for pupils. Consideration will be given to which subject would be best to take the lead on certain topic areas.

Collaborative approaches to maths and science teaching focus

This group will include a range of focused activities for participants. 

  • Do we speak the same language? An exploration of the mathematical language and notation used in mathematics and science. 

  • Do our subjects overlap? Explore the overlap in content in the mathematics and science curricula.

  • Are we considering the timing of our teaching? Exploration of conflict between when a topic is required in science and when it is taught in mathematics.

  • Can teachers work together? In science the group will explore the mathematics relevant to experiments. In mathematics the group will use a science context when exploring mathematical topics.

  • Can our pupils work together? Explore the possibility of a joint science/mathematics activity to develop awareness amongst students, staff and parents of the interconnectivity between mathematics and science.

Expectations of participating schools

Participating schools will have the opportunity to explore how not all mathematics learning takes place in mathematics classrooms delivered by teachers of mathematics. There are very many teachers teaching mathematics in a variety of subjects across the curriculum. Collaboration, designed to coordinate when topics are covered, an awareness of methods used and the different contexts in which students meet mathematics should enhance the learning experience for students. This can be achieved by developing awareness of where mathematics learning takes place in the curriculum for mathematics specialists and by developing subject knowledge pedagogy for non-specialist teachers of mathematics.

There will be an expectation that one mathematics teacher and one science teacher from each participating school will attend all work group sessions.

What will the work group achieve?

 Professional Learning 

  • Develop a greater awareness of the mathematical demands placed on students across subjects.

  • Frame mathematical content in unfamiliar, real–life contexts appropriate to student learning in other curriculum areas.

Practice Development 

  • Successful methods of learning mathematics will be shared across disciplines leading to a consistency of approach.

School Policy

  • Collaboration to explore when mathematical content is taught in addition to how.

Pupil Outcomes

  • Develop a coherent and consistent mathematical learning journey for students in mathematics and science.


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