Post-16 resit

Supporting Post 16 GCSE Resit

Type: Work Group                                                                         For: Resit Teachers 

Time: 4 half days. Session 1 will be hosted online.                      Cost: Free of charge

Exploring effective ways of teaching key maths content to GCSE resit students

Passing GCSE maths is very important to students to ensure they have good life chances. The success rate of pupils passing when resitting GCSE maths is very low nationally and it is important that teachers use effective strategies to support students who have failed to achieve the required grade previously. This programme looks at different strategies that can be used to help build pupils' understanding and confidence in maths.

What is the focus of this Work Group?

  • Explore effective ways of teaching key content to GCSE re-sit students.
  • Deepen knowledge and understanding of the curriculum demands of GCSE Maths and their awareness of pedagogical approaches that best support students taking GCSE for the second time. 

Expectations of participants and their schools

Participants’ departments will, through shared good practice, become more effective at teaching GCSE re-sit, for example by wider and more confident use of teaching approaches such as bar-modelling, multiplicative reasoning or realistic contextualisation. Strategies and shared good practice will help teachers to support pupils with low confidence and maths anxiety. 

Participants and their schools are expected to commit to four half days of direct group meeting time, and to work on intersessional tasks inbetween. 

Participants who will find this group particularly useful include experienced and recent teachers of resit GCSE maths.   

What will participants achieve?

Professional learning
  • Improve awareness of key concepts and themes relevant to the context of the GCSE resit.
  • Increase awareness of appropriate pedagogies to help students make connections and deepen understanding.
  • Increase understanding of ways of working within this sector.
Practice development
  • Share approaches to planning and delivery of key concepts with the group and with other colleagues. 
  • Develop teaching and learning approaches/pedagogy to promote engagement of students.
  • Teach effectively key concepts and processes relevant to teaching the GCSE as a resit in post-16 over eight months.
Whole school/departmental policies and approaches
  • Share practice and resources, which are effective with this group of students, with colleagues and departments.
  • Work towards increased localised support and collaboration between 11-16 schools, FE colleges, sixth form colleges and 11-18 schools.
Student outcomes
  • Demonstrate increased engagement in maths lessons.
  • Demonstrate increased conceptual understanding of maths.
  • Report increased confidence in using maths.

If you would like to participate on this programme, please complete our Expression of Interest form.              

Please contact if you have any further questions.