Core Maths

Supporting Core Maths

Type: Work Group For: Core Maths teachers

Time: 3 x 1.5 hour online, twilight sessions.

            2 x 2 hour online, twilight sessions.

            1 x half day during summer term

Cost: Free of charge

Developing maths through contextualised problem-solving to support students studying core maths.

Through collaboration and experimentation, participants will develop improved teaching approaches that fit the open-ended problem-solving skills students need to develop and also share these with departmental colleagues. Participants departments will support the role of core maths in promoting contextualised problem-solving and links to other teaching.

Supporting core maths focus

  • Develop improved teaching approaches, through collaboration and experimentation, that support the open-ended problem-solving skills that core maths students need. 
  • Promote contextualised problem-solving and links to teaching in other subject areas.

Expectations of participants and their schools

This group offers lead participants the opportunity for sustained core maths professional development through collaboration over time. Participants and their schools are expected to commit to three half days for work group sessions. All core maths teachers will find this training beneficial particularly those who are new to the role, these may be teachers in post-16 settings whose main subject may or may not be maths.

What will participants achieve?

Professional learning

  • Understand the philosophy of core maths, with its approach to maths through contextualised problem-solving.
  • Develop understanding by exploring a range of common core maths approaches and topics (e.g. Fermi problems, critical analysis of numbers in the media) and their use of pre-release materials.

Practice development

  • Share approaches to planning and delivery of the core maths curriculum.
  • Teach effectively some mathematical concepts and processes through contextualised problem-solving.
  • Identify and make effective use of existing core maths resources.
  • Develop and trial contextualised problem-solving resources with Key Stage 4 students.

Whole school/departmental policies and approaches

  • Disseminate information or lead professional development about core maths.
  • Support the school/college to develop clear ways of communicating and promoting core maths.
  • Support senior leadership in understanding the benefits of core maths.
  • Support the role of core maths in promoting problem solving within GCSE maths.

Student outcomes

  • Raised awareness of the use of maths and statistics in everyday life.

  • Increased confidence in using maths.

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