Research and Innovation

We are pleased to offer a range of additional Work Groups across all age phases, which are unique and original to our locality.

The Work Groups are free of charge. Please see below for more details: 

A Collaborative Approach to Maths and Science Teaching at Secondary

This Work Group engages maths and science secondary teachers to explore how greater connectivity can be achieved between the student experience of mathematics in the two disciplines. The work group is led in collaboration with STEM and the Science Learning Partnership.

Seeing Number at LKS2

with Andrew Jeffrey and Liz Gibbs

Led by the nationally and internationally renowned Andrew Jeffrey and Liz Gibbs, Seeing Number at LKS2 aims to support teachers in further developing their subject knowledge, in using representation and structure, to support the teaching and learning of mental calculation in the LKS2 classroom.

To receive further information on these work groups, please complete our Expression of Interest form linked here.