Research and Innovation

We are pleased to offer a range of additional Work Groups across all age phases, which are unique and original to our locality.

The Work Groups are free of charge. Please see below for more details: 


Supporting Maths NQTs and RQTs in Primary and Secondary

This Work Group offers support to teachers in the early stage of their career to develop their mathematical subject knowledge, pedagogy and collaborative approaches. The work group supports mastery style approaches to teaching and learning with the aim of growing strong teachers of mathematics.


Developing Spatial Reasoning across the Primary Phase

This Work Group is aimed at supporting subject leaders and teachers to ensure their curriculum remains rich in spatial reasoning opportunities, from EYFS to Year 6. The programme draws on recent and relevant literature to develop classroom practice and create curriculum tasks. 


A Collaborative Approach to Maths and Science Teaching at Secondary

This Work Group engages maths and science secondary teachers to explore how greater connectivity can be achieved between the student experience of mathematics in the two disciplines. The work group is led in collaboration with STEM and the Science Learning Partnership.


KS4 to KS5 Transition

This Work Group supports teachers in developing their knowledge and understanding of the full journey of mathematics. The work group builds on findings from recent research to support pupils in adjusting to the increasing complexity and challenge of their mathematics learning, by ensuring teachers are able to create a coherent learning journey into KS5.


To receive further information on these work groups, please complete our Expression of Interest form linked here.