Developing Subject Leadership in Secondary Maths

Type: Work Group For: Secondary heads of department / subject leaders
Time: 4 half days Cost: Free of charge

The purpose of this project is to offer focused support to secondary heads of department/subject leaders, to enable them to develop in their role as leaders of both pupil learning and teacher professional development.

A key aim of this project is to develop successful secondary mathematics departments that are well led and that provide ongoing subject professional development through collaborative working both within and between departments.  

Most subject leads will follow a workshop – school-based task cycle, which will take into account the specific contexts of the subject leaders for the first year. In second and subsequent years these meetings will be a subject leader network with the focus on supporting each other through the sharing of strategies and practice.  

Departmental policies and approaches

Subject leaders will promote and develop a shared vision for teaching and learning in maths. They will develop a coherent and ambitious action plan focused on improving outcomes for pupils and the needs of teachers. Subject leaders will ensure that there are approaches in place to support the work of their colleagues through continuing professional development and collaborative working.

Practice development

Subject leaders will adopt collaborative ways of working within their department to support ongoing developments. They will also develop in their ability to lead change.

Professional learning

Subject leaders will understand the principles and practices behind the creation of a
coherent and connected curriculum which promotes teaching for mastery. They will understand the benefits of working collaboratively for sustained development of professional knowledge and practice within a department.

This project is for Secondary heads of department/subject leaders. In some circumstances seconds in department or aspiring heads of department can also join the course. There will be 4 sessions throughout the year with a mix of online and face-to-face sessions.

Please contact if you have any further questions.