SD Lead



The aim of the NCETM and the Maths Hubs Network is to provide opportunities for all practitioners of maths to benefit from high quality collaborative professional development (PD). For some schools they might require additional support in to ensure they are able to benefit from programmes offered within the Maths Hub Network – this is provided through School Development Leads.  

The NCETM SD Lead Development and Accreditation Programme is designed specifically to address this need. The programme aims to enable the leaders of maths school development to enhance leadership capacity and capability in the schools they support.  


The programme consists of three face-to-face or online days and a series of independent planning and study tasks to be completed in your setting, spread over the academic year. You will undertake to plan, run and evaluate a professional development programme for a group of teachers/practitioners, and to record your planning, evaluation and reflection in an Accreditation Evidence Document. 

During the programme you will:  

  • Increase your awareness of the skills needed by a mathematics school development lead and have a deeper self-awareness in relation to the role.  

  • Develop your knowledge of a range of mathematics school development domains and know why, when, and how to work within them effectively.  

  • Develop your knowledge and understanding of how to lead the implementation of a mathematics school development cycle.  

  • Strengthen your knowledge of the evidence base that underpins mathematics school development and change management.  

You will be required to:  

  • Design and lead a mathematics school development initiative, which is supported by learning and discussion in the programme.  

  • Critically reflect and evaluate at all points in the mathematics school development cycle and embed the resulting change in your practice.  

Accreditation will be based on your ability to successfully:  

  • Critically evaluate the effectiveness of the mathematics school development initiative you have designed.  

  • Reflect on the whole process and critically assess your own learning and practice development as a Mathematics School Development Lead.  

Successful completion of the programme and satisfactory completion of all tasks and related documentation will result in you being recognised as an NCETM Accredited School Development Lead. 


Following your accreditation, you will be expected to undertake work with Angles Maths Hub to support schools in our region continue to improve.  


Recruitment for SD Leads has now opened for 2024/25. For further information and how to apply follow this link. 

If you have any further questions please submit an expression of interest form and a member of the Angles Maths Hub team will get in touch.