PD Lead

PD Lead Development and Accreditation Programme


The NCETM PD Lead Development and Accreditation Programme (PDLDAP) is designed specifically to address this need. This is part of the Maths Hubs Network’s strategy to build up a group of Professional Development Leads who can support the work of local Maths Hubs.


The programme consists of three face-to-face days and a series of independent planning and study tasks to be completed in your setting, spread over the academic year. You will undertake to plan, run and evaluate a professional development programme for a group of teachers/practitioners, and to record your planning, evaluation and reflection in an Accreditation Evidence Document.

Throughout the year you will:

  • consider what constitutes effective PD and the role of the PD Lead in terms of planning, executing and evaluating PD programmes
  • consider some fundamental themes and issues in maths and the teaching of maths, and the implications of these in the context of supporting other practitioners
  • develop an understanding of the full range of potential outcomes of maths professional development, including knowledge, attitudes and dispositions; practice development; school approaches/policies; pupil outcomes
  • develop an understanding of effective models of maths professional development, the rationale for using them and the research evidence that supports them.

Accreditation will be based on your ability to successfully:

  • engage with the Cohort Lead with regard to your decision-making processes and actions involved in designing a PD programme
  • critically evaluate the effectiveness of the PD programme you have designed
  • reflect on the whole process and critically assess your own learning and practice development as a PD Lead.

Successful completion of the programme and satisfactory completion of all tasks and related paperwork will result in you being recognised as an NCETM Accredited PD Lead. 

In partnership with the University of Chester we are delighted to offer you the opportunity to further develop your work from the PDLDA Programme to gain 60 Masters credits and a PG Certificate in Educational Studies in Mathematics.

Working with Angles Maths Hub:

Following your accreditation, you will be expected to undertake work with Angles Maths Hub to lead one of our programmes supporting other schools with developing and improving the quality of the teaching and learning of mathematics.  Your Work Group Lead role will be discussed with our Leadership Team to ensure that we get the closest match to suit your teaching experience and expertise.

How to get involved:

Recruitment for PD Leads has now opened. For further information and how to apply follow this link

If you have any further questions please contact: